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Asia-Pacific Worm Meeting 2024 at IISc Bangalore, Karnataka

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India| EMBO Lecture Course 2024 at Shiv Nadar IoE and IIIT Delhi, Delhi

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Site-seeing in Dubrovnik and various meetups during the EMBO workshop on "Protein Quality Control: From molecular mechanisms to therapeutic intervention" held in Srebreno-Dubrovnik, Croatia on 21-26th May, 2023

Pritam presents poster in the CNRS Jacob Monod Conference on Protein Phase Transitions in Aging and Age-related Diseases: From Atomic Resolution to Cellular Solutions held in Roscoff, France, 2022!

Pritam wins third place in poster presentation in the BioX Annual Conference, 2022 held in IIT Mandi, HP!

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Prasad being the chair of the biology session in International Level Research Fair Anusandhan 2.0 2024 at IIT Mandi

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Pritam honoured as selected talk speaker at the APWM 2024

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Prasad giving his invited lecture at the EMBO Lecture Course on Post-transcriptional regulation of ageing and age-related diseases


Pritam wins one of the Best Poster awards in the Proteomic Society of India meeting held in New Delhi, November 2023

Winners of the Oral and Poster Presentations in the SBB Annual Symopsium 2023 [Pritam and Prasun among them]

Prajnadipta Panda presents poster on "Identification of Neuronal Specific Modifiers of Protein Aggregation" in the EMBO Workshop "Protein Quality Control: From molecular mechanisms to therapeutic intervention" held in Srebreno-Dubrovnik, Croatia on 21-26th May, 2023

Prajnadipta wins Special Mention poster award in the Indian C. elegans Meeting 2022 held in Trivandrum, India!


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The lab enjoying in Delhi [left] and Bangalore [right] while attending EMBO and APWM 2024 respectively

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WhatsApp Image 2024-06-20 at 17.58.18.jpeg

Preeti's farewell and Prasad's birthday celebration

Hands-On Workshop "Working with Worms" conducted by our lab under the SERB Scientific Social Responsibility Policy in April 2024

The year-end lunch and Vishwa's farewell

Our labmate Deepanshu gets married!

The 4th Indian C. elegans PI Meeting

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Vishwajeet and Sweta's graduation

Volunteering for the SBB Outreach Program 

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-08 at 23.54.33.jpeg

Interaction with Dr. Srini Kaveri, Research Scientist at CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Graduation of the MTech batch '21-'23: ft. Sweta Mondal and Vishwajeet Raj

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-08 at 23.54.50 (1).jpeg

Dinner Meetup at Prasad's place

Markanday Temple, IIT Mandi

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WhatsApp Image 2023-11-08 at 23.54.46 (1).jpeg

Prasun's painting to sir as a birthday gift


Dr. Prasad's introductory speech to PhD applicants

Attending Suruchi Ma'am's [Office Assistant] reception

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View of North Campus while trekking with everyone

Lab work in progress

Attending 3rd C. elegans Meeting in Trivandrum, Kerala

Celebrating Dr. Prasad's birthday

Various lab trips within India

Setting up Dr. Prasad's new office

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-10 at 5.12.30 AM.jpeg

Teachers' Day Celebrations with the Cardiometabolic Lab of IIT Mandi


Farewell party for Sweta and Vishwa

Trekking and Lab Dinner at Dr. Prasad's home

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Farewell party for Ronita and Riddhima

Farewell party for Iram and Chandan


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We now have a full-fledged and sterile C. elegans lab at IIT Mandi



The Worm Lab has slowly started getting set up since 2020.

It all started like this in 2020!

After lots of hard work, management, and efforts by Dr. Kasturi, Prajnadipta, Pritam, and Iram and others, who started working at the initial stages

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